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A Challenge for Our 20th Year:
In honor of our 20th year, a generous donor has challenged us with a $100,000 matching grant to encourage donations to the Endowment.  For every dollar donated to the Endowment, the donor has agreed to match your contribution.  That gives us potentially an extra $100,000 available this year if we can all reach a little deeper.
Parents gave generously in the early years of the school because the needs were so obvious.  Now that we have our beautiful campus center, the need for extra financial support has not gone away, it has just been harder to visualize. The school’s two support organizations, PCS Capital & Endowment Fund and Friends of Princeton Charter School, raise funds for extra-curricular programs, technology upgrades, capital improvements, the summer academy, and budgetary shortfalls.
As a public school, PCS receives an amount of $15,300 taxpayer funding per student per year, while the local district spends almost $10,000 more per year per student.  Unfortunately, our funding of $15,300 has not gone up since 2008, while our expenditures have gone up with inflation and rising costs such as healthcare.  In the last two years the Endowment has given a total of $175,000 to the school just to support the budget. This kind of need is exactly what the Endowment was formed to fulfill, but we will not be able continue to provide this funding amount without generous support from you
So, if you want to see even more fantastic PCS education programs, if you want to support your faculty, and if you want to celebrate our 20th anniversary in a constructive way, we ask you to accept our donor’s challenge, because whatever you can find for the endowment is worth double this year.  Whether is $20, $200, $2000, or something more, every bits counts – double. (If your company matches funds, your donation will be quadrupled.)  All donations are tax deductible.  Our EIN number is 38-3642213.
To make a donation or for more information, please check the PCS Capital & Endowment Fund’s web site at Checks can be made out to PCS Capital & Endowment Fund, Inc. and dropped off in a school office or mailed to
  Princeton Charter School
  PCS Capital & Endowment Fund
  100 Bunn Dr.
  Princeton, NJ 08540

In case you want to make a donation of securities, please get in touch with Stefanos Damianakis.




Fund Mission and Activities


The PCS Capital & Endowment Fund was established to meet financial challenges that charter schools face under New Jersey laws. For example, charter schools may not build facilities with public funds. Through generous contributions from you, the PCS community, the Fund has raised over $2.5 million dollars since 2003. Here is what these donations have provided:

  • $1 million towards the $5.8 million campus center;
  • revamped playing fields;
  • academic summer programs, after-school programs for low-income students, and teacher training and coaching.

What you don’t immediately see but should know is that the Fund:

  • Provides a revolving fund to bridge delays in public funds; the Fund is reimbursed when the public funding is received.
  • Provides capital for construction projects such as the lower school and campus center buildings; once a certificate of occupancy is granted, public funds can be used for maintenance and operations.
  • Guarantees support for student programs if public funding is cut in the future.

You can help PCS continue to build both its programs and its financial security by making your own contribution.

We know that you are proud of the first-rate education that Charter provides each of its students. We ask each of you to join us with your gift.

To make a donation or for more information, please check the PCS Capital & Endowment Fund’s web site.

Please contact Stefanos Damianakis if you wish to discuss a major gift. 

Thank you again for your support of Princeton Charter School’s education.

Mission: PCS Capital and Endowment Fund, Inc. was formed to provide funding for long-term improvements to Princeton Charter School facilities, and to provide financial security for the school.


Chairman - Peter Yianilos; President - Maureen Quirk; Secretary - Robin Birkel;  Treasurer - Stephanos Damianakis; Board Member - Nadia Braun, Board Member - Arka Mukherjee.

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